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Welcome to our online worship service for October 18, 2020, we’re glad you’re here!  Today”s message is a part two of our series “Politics Through The Eyes of God” and is titled “Choose What Really Matters.”
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CCLI Song # 7146640 – CCLI License # 1238411

Sandy Liedtke
Jess Anliker
Gloria Carpenter
David Dodds
Bill Carpenter
Mike Burnes
“Not Done Yet”
Music by Jake France, Jonathan Smith, and Meredith Andrews
God of the promise, God of the future
You see beginning and end
God of the rescue, God of the breakthrough
How great is Your faithfulness
You’re not done yet
No eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard
No one could ever comprehend
Your word will be enough, Your promise we will trust
Greater things are still ahead
You’re not done yet
‘Cause You’re not done yet, we believe it
God in my seeking, God in my dreaming
You put a song in my soul
God in the working, God, I’m believing
You’ll do the impossible
You’re not done yet, no no
You’re up to something
You’re up to something right now
You’re doing a new thing right now
God, let Your glory come down
Don’t hold back, don’t hold back
Yes, You’re up to something right now
You’re doing a new thing right now
God, let Your glory come down
Don’t hold back, don’t hold back
You’re moving mountains right now
You’re breaking chains right now, right now
God, let Your glory come down, oh Don’t hold back, don’t hold back


Politics Through The Eyes of God – Part 2
“Choose What Really Matters”
With so many voices in the world today it can seem to be a difficult task to choose what is right, especially when it comes to elections.  We often find ourselves thinking what is the right choice… more to the point, what is the wise choice.  We look at the life of Joshua again to find out what really matters when making these choices.
Presented by Allen Lamb
The Covenant
Allen challenges us to examine our walk with Christ and the promise we make when we become baptized Christians.
CCLI Song # 6227030 – CCLI License # 1238411
Jess Anliker
Gloria Carpenter
David Dodds
Bill Carpenter
“For The Sake of the World”
Music by Brandon Aaronson, Brian Johnson, Joel Taylor, and Jeremy Riddle
I’m laying down my life
I’m giving up control
I’m never looking back
I surrender all
I’m living for Your glory on the earth
This passion in my heart
This stirring in my soul
To see the nations bow
For all the world to know
I’m living for Your glory on the earth
For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me
Light a flame in my soul for every eye to see
For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me
For every knee to bow down
For every heart to believe
For every voice to cry out
Burn like a fire in me
For every tongue to confess
You alone are the King
You are the hope of the earth
Burn like a fire in me


Father give us the courage to make Godly choices. Give us the courage we need to accept responsibility for our own choices to live for you. May we be led by faith and not by the mob’s hysteria. Convict our hearts to pray for those who lead us and oppose us. And ultimately father, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus Name, Amen.
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MCC Family Devo
Pre-K Family Devo
God Keeps His Promises
Shayleigh tells us the rest of the Noah’s ark story and talks about why God created rainbows. Whiskers stops by and visits and we review the Noah’s ark songs we’ve been learning.
MCC Family Devo
K-5 Family Devo
Shayleigh teaches us about this week’s fruit of the spirit, kindness! We walk through a day of kind things we can do and review two fruits in our fruit of the spirit song.
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