(service date 08.01.2021)
August 01, 2021 Service

Senior Pastor: Ed Beeson
Don’t Take The Bait – Part 3
As Christians we know we’re supposed to be forgiving, but what does that mean? There’s a difference between being patient and forbearing vs. being passive-aggressive. In this message, we look at the prophet Elijah and his running in fear from Jezebel. So many times, we try to convince ourselves that running, and hiding is the right thing, but it eventually leads to even greater heartache.
Communion Meditation – Elizabeth Tillman
MCC Worship Music
Graves into Gardens – CCLI 7138219
Great are You Lord – CCLI 6460220
How He Loves – CCLI 5032549
Goodness of God – CCLI 7117726
MCC CCLI License Number – 2999091



Call To Worship – Jon Alexander – Elder
David Dodds – Worship Pastor
Jess Anliker – Vocalist/Acoustic Guitar
Sharon Neer – Vocalist
Connie Doss – Piano
Kirk Chaffin – Bass/Vocalist
Jaren Herbon – Electric Guitar

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