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CCLI Song # 7054535 – CCLI License # 1238411

David Dodds
Jess Anliker
Gloria Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
Mike Burnes
Music by Chris Quilala, Joshua Silverberg, and Mia Fieldes
Before I call, Before I ever cry
You answer me, From where the thunder hides
I can’t outrun, This heart I’m tethered to
When every step, I collide with You
Like a tidal wave, Crashing over me
Rushing in to meet me here, Your love is fierce
Like a hurricane, That I can’t escape Tearing through the atmosphere, Your love is fierce
You cannot fail, The only thing I’ve found
Is through it all, You never let me down
You don’t hold back, Relentless in pursuit
At every turn, I come face to face with You
You chase me down, You seek me out How can I be lost when You have called me found


Cowboy Up – Part 2
Cowboy Up In Our Relationships
One of the biggest challenges in our relationship with God is revealed in our relationships with each other. After all, how can we love our God who we haven’t seen if we can’t love our brother who we have seen? If we are to truly “Cowboy Up” this means that we need to do so in our relationships. Join us as we dive into the book of Philemon to discuss this further!
Presented by Mike Zimmerman
What’s The Price?
Mike takes us to Luke 22 after the last supper where Jesus went to the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. When He prayed “if there is any way that this cup can be removed from me” what was he saying? What was he experiencing and feeling? He reminds us of a Paul Harvey Good Friday broadcast where he talked about the price that Jesus paid for all of us.

CCLI Song #7011538 – CCLI License # 1238411

David Dodds
Jess Anliker
Sandy Liedtke
Gloria Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
Mike Burnes
“I Am”
Music by Ed Cash and David Crowder
There’s no space that His love can’t reach
There’s no place that we can’t find peace
There’s no end to Amazing Grace
Take me in with your arms spread wide
Take me in like an orphan child
Never let go, never leave my side
I am Holding on to You
I am Holding on to You
In the middle of the storm
I am holding on I am!
Love like this, oh my God to find!
I am overwhelmed what a joy divine!
Love like this sets our hearts on fire!
This is my resurrection song
This is my Hallelujah come
This is why to You I run


Closing Prayer
Father, thank You for paying a debt You didn’t owe. A debt that we couldn’t ever afford to repay. For we know what we’ve done with Your blessings. May we be challenged to become more like You in those “gut check” moments of how we live and love others. Even the ones that are difficult. Even the ones we are angry at. Even the ones who have done us serious harm. May we, like You, forgive such a debt. Just like Jesus. It’s in His Name we pray, Amen
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