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Learn More, Love More, Look More Like Jesus
Pastor Ed Beeson
What kind of church is MCC?
Simply stated, we want to be a place where more people are encouraged to develop more faith in God! And since Jesus lived to show us what a life of faith in our Father should actually look like, our vision for MCC is to: Learn more about Jesus, Love more like Jesus and Live more like Jesus. That kind of commitment creates an authentic faith based on Scripture, that values humility, mercy, grateful generosity, prayer and hearts that are willing to help others. Consequently, the people at MCC are there to worship Jesus, become more like Jesus, serve like Jesus and share the story of Jesus. 
Are we there yet? No… but that’s what we’re working toward. Anyone headed that same direction is more than welcome to join us!

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MARYSVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH | 17000 Waldo Rd. Marysville, Ohio,43040| office@marysvillechristian.org | 937-642-9838
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